Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Face First?

My friends know that I love to eat and I have a real enthusiasm for food and flavour. I don't mind making messes in the kitchen, as anyone who knows me will attest, and often at dinner will put my face dangerously close to my plate to savour the delicious smells . . . and so now you know where the "face-first" comes from, because food ought to be so great that you're ready to just dive in!

Thanks to Linda Buzzell who blogs about food at the Huffington Post, and Correen over at Foodloversweb for provoking me to begin blogging about food. I'll do my best to post Mondays, given the constraints of my schedule and my two other blogs.


  1. Well how sweet of you to mention me...that I encouraged you to blog about food. I totally am looking forward to what you create here!

  2. Thank you, Correen! I'll do my best to make sure this blog is useful and encourages everyone to experiment with food . . . I am down to only one shelf of specialty recipe books, and have given away most of mine!