Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Perfect Pressure Cooker Potatoes

Okay, I think I've nailed it. It took me three tries to get the recipe perfect but I'm thrilled.

  1. Slice small potatoes in half lengthways (for maximum surface area). Heat a little olive oil to shimmering in the pressure cooker and add garlic and black pepper. Place potatoes cut side down and brown.
  2. When browned, flip potatoes over (skin side down). Add rosemary or italian seasoning, and for one pound of potatoes, a half cup of water. Put the lid on the pressure cooker.
  3. Wait until the rocker begins to rock, then turn heat down until the rocker slows. Set your kitchen timer for three minutes.
  4. When timer dings, remove pot from heat and release pressure. Place potatoes in serving dish and salt to taste.

The mouth-watering result:

Sorry for the weird bluish tint—there's something weird going on with my cell phone camera. As you can see, these came out beautifully!

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